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At last it has arrived: Perseus, my brand new Asus Chromebook 201. I have to wait for some time because the online store that sells it (Bhinneka) doesn’t have my preferred models in stock, so I have to choose another model.

Some first impressions: the design isn’t exactly my cup of tea, and white-greenish blue combination isn’t really my favourite colour. But I tend to functionality than esthetics, and it’s not that ugly. So I’ll manage.

It is light and very portable (the weight is less than 1 kg). The battery can hold out about 10 hours without recharging (Asus says 13 hours). The keyboard is full-sized, and typing on it is quite comfortable, although it misses some keys you will find on standard notebook (Windows) PC, like function keys. The touchpad is also rather spacious.

The defining feature of Chromebook is the operating system: ChromeOS. It is less powerful than Windows (or Linux, my daily driver), but it is also much simpler. ChromeOS apps are basically web apps so you need to be online to run them, although some important ones like Google Docs can be run offline. For my job basically I only need word processor capability and web browser, so this is actually adequate.

Just for curiosity, I have also installed Ubuntu 14.04 using Crouton, which enables Ubuntu installation side-by-side with ChromeOS. Just the basic version of Ubuntu, so the limited 16 GB storage should suffice. I haven’t played much with this, and very probably I will wipe out it again later. For now, I am quite satisfied.