My old hard disk was nearly full, and I thought it would be a good time for a new one. I decided not only buy a hard disk with larger capacity, but also a faster one. The choice fell to a HGST 7200 rpm disk, capable to store 1 TB data.

The next step was migrating the data. I wanted to avoid full reinstallation, so I decided to clone the hard disk. Of course, because the new hard disk is larger than the old one, simple cloning won’t be enough.

My old hard disk was partitioned to into five partitions: one for EFI, one for boot, one for root filesystem, one swap partition, and an encrypted home partition. My initial plan is to clone the old hard disk and then expanded the root filesystem and home partition.

It turned out the plan couldn’t be executed. The problem is you can’t easily resize an encrypted partition. In the end, I deleted the cloned, encrypted partition in the new hard disk and created a new (now unencrypted) partition. Then I copied back the content from home partition on the old hard disk to the new one. All this took a lot of time.

I am thinking of reencrypting the new home partition, but it will be tedious process. I will have to do the copying all over again. That is: delete the old hard disk, create a single partition (with ext4 filesystem, e.g.) on it, copy the data from the new hard disk to the old, delete the home partition on the new hard disk, create new encrypted partition on the new hard disk, then copy back the data from the old hard disk to the new.