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I was writing a blog draft (about politics, so I don’t think it will come out here) when I thought I would benefit from reading Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. This is an old book, written in 19th century, so naturally it is in Project Gutenberg’s collection. The original is in French, but it was translated quickly into English.

Project Gutenberg now offers the option to download ebooks to online storage service, such as Dropbox (and Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive). I have known this for some time, but usually I just ignore it. But this time I was intrigued to try.

If you choose downloading to Dropbox, the service will ask your permission to authorise Dropbox. If agreed, Project Gutenberg will create a new directory inside your Dropbox folder, and place your downloaded books there. This means I am now able to access my downloaded Project Gutenberg’s books using Dropbox service. Which is nice: I don’t always bring my laptop with me. I haven’t installed the Dropbox app on the phone, but I think I will do now.