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If you’ve read my previous post about online free courses, wanted to join one, but haven’t done so yet, well it’s too late. The enrollment has been closed now. In fact, one of the courses has ended this week. Time to stop and do some reviewing.

I am not doing well. Model Thinking class seems interesting and intellectually challenging, but I’ve missed some quizzes. They are not that hard if you pay attention to videos then read the notes and additional materials. I simply do not have time (or failed to motivate myself to allocate the necessary time).

Algorithm Design seems not that interesting at first, but after I dive in it is quite fun. And hard. So hard that I haven’t even finish the first assignment, although I am already on my way into the third week’s materials. I have already covered topics about algorithm analysis, mergesort and quicksort. I doubt I can obtain the certificate of accomplishment, but I intend to complete the assignments.

The only course I am certain to complete is the Udacity’s CS101. It was aimed at pure beginners. I am not really one, so you can say I am a wimp for choosing the course. Still, it was interesting and harder than I thought. The course taught several basic computer science concepts, and basics of Python programming language. I’ve read and practiced Python a little bit, so I didn’t really find that part hard. I’ve also learned some programming in formal courses, and concepts like variables, for-while loops and conditions are familiar.

The challenging parts for me in Udacity’s CS101 were concepts like hashing and recursion. I’ve read about recursion before, but never had the practice. Hashing is only a hazy concept for me. Combined with Algorithm course from Coursera, this course gave me good grounding in recursion and good introduction to hash tables.

In the discussion forums, it was said that the course was somewhat easier than the version taught by the teacher in the University of Virginia. Still, I learn some useful things.