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I rarely use Skype for two reasons: because I know very few people on Skype, and because last time I tried it it failed to run on Fedora. Admittedly it was a long time ago, so I decided to have a go once again.

Skype still provide beta version for Linuxes. There are several packages for Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. I downloaded the Fedora one, which is a 32-bit package (I use Fedora 16 64 bit). The latest version is Beta.

I installed the package using yum (which I thought would resolve automatically the dependencies), and it went through without complaints. It didn’t download anything, so I assumed the necessary additional packages were already installed. But when I tried to start Skype it failed silently. To see what was the problem I ran it from the command line, and it turned out that it needed several files to run. I had to hunt the necessary packages (using yum provides command) and installed it one by one before Skype can start.

After initial difficulties, Skype runs without problems so far. It detects the video camera and works with PulseAudio (which caused problems in the past). Now let’s hope it will stay that way and Microsoft, the new Skype owner, do not abandon the Linux versions.