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Foolishly, I was persuaded by an acquaintance to help setting up his brand new website. Being somewhat uninformed he didn’t know that he only paid for hosting service, and the service didn’t come with adequate content management system tools. I was asked to look into it. I advised him to get professional help, but he suggested that I played with it for a while.

I decided to have a go and installed Joomla, partly because this was the software recommended to this particular acquaintance. The installation procedure looks easy. To prepare for installation, I created the necessary MySQL database via cpanel interface. Then I follow the instructions: upload the zipped installer, extract the package in the root folder, open a particular URL to begin installation. It was recommended to create a sample website, so I did it.

The result is a site with a content management system, but still without any content (other than sample articles and tutorials). I messed around with the configuration for a while, but then decided that I’ll just hand over the site to the owner and let him design his own website.