As free online encyclopaedia, there’s nothing compares to Wikipedia. But if you are information junkies who likes to collect interesting  trivia, there are lots of sites to visit. Sometimes they are even useful. I will list five of them here. 

  • TvTropes “A catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction.” This site builds upon the concept of tropes in fiction.  If you have interest in popular culture, you might love this. This is a wiki, like Wikipedia, but the language is much more relaxed and informal, and can be more interesting too. 
  • WikiHow. Also a wiki, this site focuses more on howtos (which is not covered by encyclopaedias). If you want to know how to do something, this is the right place to be.
  • WikiTravel. Lots of information for travellers out there, and this site is one of them. However, it doesn’t cover Indonesian tourist destinations very well.
  • Uncyclopedia. Parody on Wikipedia, hosted on Wikia, a commercial company founded by some Wikipedia guys. Worth a visit when you feel you take yourself too seriously. Has several language editions too. The editors are fans of Oscar Wilde.
  • Encyclopaedia Dramatica. Excellent (but outrageous) coverage on Internet memes. Don’t read it if you are easily offended. Not safe for work. Whatport80.com is the safe alternative.

Update: Encyclopedia Dramatica no longer exists at the old URL. Encyclopediadramatica.ch serves and updates the old Encyclopedia Dramatica content.