As I noted before I had my iBook G4 run Debian Lenny with satisfactory results. However, I haven’t told you that I reverted to Mac OS X Tiger sometime after that. I have to review new iPod Shuffle, and I loath to use Windows for that. But later I learnt that (mistakenly, it seems) Apple has stopped to provide security updates for Tiger. So I turn back to Debian again.

At first I installed Debian Squeeze (that is, testing distribution), with some difficulty. Apparently Squeeze installer has some problems, and I have to resort to Lenny netinst CD. I also decided to try out KDE4, which I rather liked on Fedora. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that well. I tried to have a pure KDE install, which failed for me because it lacks good NetworkManager frontend. But the much larger problem for me was the unreliability of power management: sleeping and hibernating didn’t work.

Hesitantly I am back to Lenny. Much to my pleasure I found that NetworkManager 0.7 has been backported, and I don’t need to use testing distribution repository. It is much easier to use 3G modems now with this computer. Even easier than when I install Tiger on this. Power management still sucks though. I found problems with gnome-power-manager, and decided to install pbbuttonsd instead. The latter solution doesn’t integrate nicely with GNOME, but at least I can reliably use sleep feature now.

I don’t think I’ll revert to OS X again. Unless I somehow got a copy of Leopard, then I’ll think again 😀