I decided to go back to my hometown Padang, in West Sumatra, for holiday. So I have been here for more than a week now. My invitation for Google Wave came just hours after I put my feet on Padang’s soil. Speculatively I powered up my notebook, connected the modem, and voila! The IM2 network was available!

Padang has been changed by the great quake on 30 September. One of such change turns out to be the entry of Indosat M2 (IM2), which I use daily in Jakarta, in Padang mobile internet scene.

The availability of IM2 begins when volunteers and journalists poured in the sleepy province capital and find themselves without their usual channel of communication to outside world. Several telco operators rushed in. Some to fix their damaged existing networks, and for IM2 case, to provide new connection.

I thought IM2 availability would be temporary, and would cease nearly two months later when I came back here. I was wrong. It is still here, albeit with much slower connection. I doubt it reaches even EDGE speed. But it is better than rather expensive other cellular connection alternatives I had to resort to in the past when I spent my time here.

Meanwhile, I have experimented with and confused by Google Wave. I still tweet, usually by phone, because it is much faster than using computer. From my exploration and experiments with Google Wave I wrote up an introduction article for work.

To recap: I still have Internet here in Padang. Much slower, but adequate. I even wish I can do work from here.