The upgrade from Fedora 10 to 11 was not smooth. I knew that the DVD drive of my laptop that ran Fedora 10 had problems, and it showed. It failed to read the Fedora 11 DVD. Fortunately I still have another machine, the iBook. I made a DVD image, then copied it to an external hard drive, and then transfer it to the laptop. Then I proceeded to upgrade Fedora 10 to 11 from the laptop’s hard drive.

Strangely, even I can ran the installer without problems, it didn’t do the upgrade. I decided to nuke the OS and do a clean install. My /home directory was in a separate partition, so I didn’t bother to do a backup ( risky behaviour, I know). But, although the installer was for Fedora 11 (I rechecked), it still installed Fedora 10!

I scratched my head. Then I decided to install from the external hard disk: the DVD image was still there after all. This time the installation suceeded.

Soon I noticed some stability problems and graphical glitches, which was expected. Sadly it is not completely gone after installing updates. I also has problems with hibernating and resuming. Which is a pity, for Fedora 11 features some nice improvements (fast booting, presto updates …).