Like it or not, Office documents editing application bundled for Palm devices (such as my old Tungsten E2), that is Documents to Go, is much more superior than any apps for other platforms. Office Mobile/Pocket Office in Windows Mobile, or QuickOffice in Nokias or BlackBerries cannot compare favourably.

QuickOffice in my Nokia E63 lacks one important feature for journalists: word count. So does the version in BlackBerry. One of my work colleague often complains (and then asksk for me to help her counting words) because of this. It is easy to type reports and send it by email to the editors, but she cannot count how many the words are…

Luckily for certain Nokia E Series owner QuickOffice offers free upgrades to version 6.0 of their application. This new version is equipped with lots of new features, but the most important for me is, certainly, the word count. Yes, of course E63 is eligible for the free upgrade.