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After much procrastinating and delaying I relented and buy a new phone. I have decided it was either Nokia E71 or Nokia E63. I chose the latter because financial reasons: I was not prepared to spend too much money for a phone. I have tried it for several days for review and at the time I couldn’t find any complaints.

Well, it is different when it is your own. You explore it much more intensely. And quickly found several annoyances.

The device itself is good-looking. I bought a black model which looks elegant. It is quite slim but not the keyboard is of comfortable size for the thumbs. My complaints are actually about the bundled software.

For starters: email. For a device that assumes messaging as its strength, the experience is disappointing. The email client just merely adequate, not outstanding. Okay, the email accounts setting is easy and quick, but from there it goes downhill.

It is already well-known that new Nokia phones doesn’t support Blackberry pushmail. But from the experience with Sony Ericsson M600i, I found IMAP IDLE adequately replaces it somewhat. Nokia E63 features IMAP IDLE but I cannot find how to activate (or deactivate, if it automatically supports it). In M600i you just choose the option “Always on Pushmail” (which is actually misleading, because it is IMAP IDLE).

Oh, and when you exit the email client, it disconnects. I want it to stay connected in the background, like in the M600i. Perhaps this is just different behaviour you should expect when switching phones, but it is still annoying.

The email client also forces me to always include the original message when replying, which is sometimes unnecessary. There is no option to discard the quoted message. It also enforces top posting. Good God.

The Nokia Messaging client, the part of the new Nokia pushmail solution, also suffers from the same sucktitude. It always quotes the original message. However, it is kind of nice looking. I reserve further criticism for this because there is an update, and I haven’t upgraded to it yet.

I am also still waiting to see whether device will choke when handling lots of emails, that is, about more than 1000 emails. It is snappy now. I hope it will stay that way.