My Sony Ericsson M600i is great for the Rp 1,5 million that I paid for. But it was built in 2006 and it already shows its age. It is very slow when opening emails, and can barely multitask. I am beginning to use mails more intensively and this is a bother.

So I am searching for a new smartphone now. The phone should have good e-mail capability. Friends and foes alike will scream “BlackBerry” to me. However, I have tried out and tested several BlackBerry handsets and concluded that the hardware was not that great. The BlackBerry Connect service is the key to the success of BlackBerry handsets, and I am rather reluctant to subscribe to the BlackBerry plan.

Other features that I’d like to have:

  • SyncML synchronisation
  • Good PIM capabilities
  • Able to sync to Mac OS X 10.4. Linux synchronisation will be nice, but not essential (it is already covered by SyncML.
  • Wi-Fi (should be standard by now)
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Office software already bundled. Documents to Go is the best, however the version bundled with BlackBerries only functions as a viewer. QuickOffice found in Nokias and Sony Ericssons sucks.

I am eyeing several models, but haven’t decided any yet.