I have been using KDE 4 with Fedora 10 for three days now. It has nice concepts (I like activities), but surely too buggy.
A few things I missed from GNOME:

  1. A tool for PIM synchronisation to SyncML servers. No syncevolution for you! Of course I can still use Evolution, but I’d prefer Kontact.
  2. Native working system configuration tools. Fedora tools seems geared for GNOME. For example, I have a problem with mounting removable drives, which seems can be solved by changing a policy in PolicyKit. But no usable PolicyKit for KDE, and I can’t call PolicyKit-gnome. In the end, I have to use command line.
  3. The simple interface
  4. The GNOME interface is often accused as dumbed-down. But it is surely easy to use, and I can get to work in no time.

  5. A good browser. Konqueror cannot handle some sites, such as Gmail.

I wonder whether I’ll just switch back to GNOME. But KDE seems promising, if they just only can stomp some more bugs.