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For a week I have been connected to Internet from home, full time, thanks to IM2 Broom service from IndosatM2. Some quick comments:

  1. Operating system support: IndosatM2 site said the service support Windows (2000/XP/Vista), MacOS X and Linux. However, the ease of use for each operating systems varies. For example, I found that in Fedora 9 it is easy to add new 3G connection via the NetworkManager. Right-click the NetworkManager icon in the notification area, click Edit connections, and add a new mobile broadband connection. However, the settings are forgotten after hibernation. It seems this can be worked around by logging out then logging in again. Another workaround is to delete the connection setting and recreate it. It seems to be a bug in NetworkManager.

    For Mac OS X I use the ZTE MF622 modem supplied by Indosat. There is a CD bundled which contains Mobile broadband manager and software driver. The software installed without problems. To configure the connection you have to add new settings (username, password, telephone number). It runs and connects successfully. So far so good. Then it turned out that you cannot save the settings and have to add it again and again for new connections. Gah.

    I don’t have a Windows machine so I cannot find out how it goes.

  2. Speed: It is fine in the morning and in the day. It sucks at the evening. It seems most users connect to the Internet at night (and online at work at other times). It is certainly not quick enough for audio streaming, not to mention video. For browsing and e-mailing it is just fine though.
  3. Usage: I can monitor the how much data I am gobbling up by logging to the IndosatM2 site. So far I have used up 928 MB, nearly half of the quota for one week. It seems 2GB will not be enough for my usage pattern. It must be noted that I am synchronised my mail data via IMAP (total 265 MB) for this week. But it is still too much.