Several days ago a colleague popped out of Google Talk window.

“The new OpenOffice.org doesn’t have Indonesian language dictionary, does it?”
“It doesn’t?” I answered, rather smugly. I have installed a copy of OpenOffice.org 3.0 at the office, but hadn’t touched it very much yet. But I was sure the free office suite still had it. Indonesian dictionary was one of the rare things that more popular and much pirated Microsoft Office lacks, but OpenOffice.org has.
“I am at home. I have not access to a machine with the new OpenOffice.org right now. Let me see it tomorrow,” I said.

To my dismay, my colleague was right. The old New Dictionary Wizard is gone. After some fiddling I gave up, the turned to Google to find some information. I found the OpenOffice.org wiki, and began to browse.

It turned out that dictionaries as we know it before in 2.x versions are now integrated into extensions mechanism in the new 3.0 series. Lots of extensions available at OpenOffice.org extensions page, some of them are dictionaries. But there isn’t Indonesian dictionary extension. Bummer.

It seems we have to wait some brave souls to repackage the old Indonesian dictionary into the new extension format. Meanwhile, if you need OpenOffice.org spellchecking capability for Bahasa Indonesia badly, you should stick to the 2.4 version.

Update: there is a dictionary now in Openoffice.org extension service. Check it out.