It sounds to be good to be true. Perhaps it is. But yesterday I found that one of Indonesian cellular carrier, Indosat (through one of its subsidiary, IndosatM2), now offer unlimited, prepaid data plan. For only Rp 150,000 (less than US$ 15) a month, you can connect to the Internet as long as you want.

The caveat? The speed is capped at 256 kbps, which is much lower than theoretical maximum speed of HSDPA network. And if you have consumed more than 2 GB data, you are throttled down to 64 kbps max. Sounds a waste of a good 3G modem, but it is much, much better than the old dial-up connection.

It happens that one of my superior has unused ZTE 3G modem with IndosatM2 plan. I also have a spare 3G Huawei modem. He has already proposed to exchange the modems. The ZTE modem is not detected by his Asus EeePC, but the Huawei modem is well supported. I was reluctant, but now after I learned of the Indosat data plan I was intrigued. I found that the ZTE modem supported Macs (yay). But Fedora support is not very good (boo). Anyway, it turns out that my computers are much better supported by the ZTE modem than the Huawei one. So I am bringing the ZTE modem and the Indosat SIM card home, to be exchanged with my own modem later.

So I am now happily browsing the web, downloading e-mails, twittering, and chatting. No video or music streaming (it is too slow for that…), but I am not that demanding Internet user. This is very fine for me.

A good birthday present, I guess. Have I told you I turned 31 yesterday?