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I have been loaned a HP 2133 Mininote for review a few days ago. For inexpensive subnotebook class, it is much more better designed than its competitors. The keyboard is roomy and wide enough to type quite speedily. In fact, I’m creating this posting on the Mininote. It sure beats the likes of Asus Eee or Intel Classmate, or the VIA Nanobook models.

This unit runs Windows Vista Home Basic, which perhaps rather heavy for the VIA C7-M processors. The processor is roundly criticised in every review I have read on the Internet. I haven’t used the Mininote long enough to feel it, though.

My main gripe with the subnotebook is the touchpad buttons placement. Surely, if you want to save space, you can just get rid the touchpad altogether? Just use trackpoint, dammit.