When I bought the iBook I intended to use it only as a test machine. After all, it was a rather old notebook. It also ran slowly. But after upgrading the RAM the iBook now much more responsive, and OS X more tolerable than before. It is enough power for me to be a main machine right now. But I already invest some time to my Linux notebook, and customise it to my liking.

The problem is, the Linux notebook is rather heavy to lug around. The iBook is not really a lightweight machine, but is lighter than the COMPAL notebook. I also found myself in need of a test machine. The iBook doesn’t meet the requirements. It is too slow and not beefy enough to run a virtual machine. On the other hand, the Mac OS X environment is not only usable, but quite stable. Unlike some Linux distributions which are changing too much.

So I decide that the iBook will be the main machine. But there are some difficulties. Two of my favourite applications, Gnucash and Tomboy, don’t run in Mac OS X. Or rather, for Gnucash, is not easy to install.

I think I can live without Tomboy. There is the OS X Sticky Notes, which is poor but sufficient. But I really need Gnucash. I am not satisfied with the alternatives, even with Quicken. Unfortunately there is not easy installer for Mac OS X. I have to set up Fink or MacPorts to install the version in their repositories. Fink doesn’t work for me, because my office firewall doesn’t allow cvs or rsync port. MacPorts can be set up with subversion, which can use http access.

But MacPorts subversion setup is surely very, very slow to prepare…