I had been putting off installing it after getting the LiveCD a few days ago, but the brand new OpenSolaris 2008.05 (Indiana) finally installed on my laptop, using old hard drive that was lying around.

First impression: it is quite pretty. It uses GNOME, so it just looks like your typical Linux distribution, with an attractive theme (compiz sucks here, though). But very few applications available for typical users. I miss Tomboy for example. From the web I have read the promoted features, which are geared to developers. Which was not much use to me, honestly. But I am thinking to dabble in programming these days, so I might find OpenSolaris to be attractive yet.

For now I am still just a hack who covers IT, and the main tool for me is a simple word processor, which is not bundled with OpenSolaris installation. I tried to find Abiword in the package manager, to no avail. Oh well. Grumbling, I am off to install openoffice package.

It also seems the multimedia support are rather lacking. I will report how it goes later.