That, is, a bullets post.

  • I reverted the iBook to Mac OS X again. But only after upgrading the memory to 1,25 GB. I also bought a new battery. Unfortunately, the combo drive is now defunct by a stupid mistake. Perhaps I should buy an external optical drive?
  • I am in danger of becoming an Apple fanboy. I love Mac OS X (the speed is decent after the memory upgrade), and I also have tried out an iPod Touch and like it. It is sleek and stylish, the touch interface is very well done. But it lacks Bluetooth connectivity, so I don’t think I’ll buy it (thank god).
  • When logging in to Friendster today I notice an offer to switch language to Indonesian. It seems the Friendster developers has noticed that a lot of Indonesians are using their service. Some are migrating to Facebook, but most of my friends seems to prefer Friendster.
  • I decided to delay learning French (boo!).
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