Now that I am overwhelmed by gadgets I need to make it certain that my PIM data are synchronised. As I have explained before this is difficult because they don’t talk to each other very well. Especially Fomalhaut (that is, the Sony Ericsson phone). It will only synchronise to a Windows machine, or a SyncML server.

Altair (the Linux laptop), speaks SyncML too, but again it would only talk to a SyncML server. It is said somewhere there is a SyncML opensync plugin that will carry the message back and forth between Evolution software and phones that support SyncML. Unfortunately Fedora packagers don’t bother to include it in their repositories.

Because both devices will talk to a SyncML server the solution is obvious: synchronise both to the SyncML server. It happens that I already have a free SyncML server account at ScheduleWorld, so I decided to utilise the account which otherwise remained unused.

But it doesn’t go as smoothly as I hope. The synchronisation is flaky. I use SyncEvolution on the Altair, and built-in SyncML client on the Fomalhaut. SyncEvolution will sometimes freeze, and Fomalhaut often bugs out with “Connection Error” message.

It seems that connection to Scheduleworld servers (or the servers themselves) is not quite reliable. Meanwhile, it seems the best place to save PIM data is still the Palm PDA. Not only it synchronise rather well with the Altair, Sirius is happy to exchange data with the iBook G4 (Procyon).

Now, have I told you that the Mac doesn’t speak SyncML?