Right now in addition to the Compal laptop which runs Fedora 8 (Altair) and a Palm Tungsten E2 (Sirius), I have just acquired two new gadgets : a Sony Ericsson m600i (christened Fomalhaut) and an iBook G4 (christened Procyon). Well, not so new, because those two are second-hand.

The Sony Ericsson phone is meant to replace my old, creaking, battered, dumb Samsung phone. I was glad at first, because the price was reasonable and it had several nice features like full web browser and music player. It also support IDLE feature of IMAP protocol, and that means pushmail. I set it up to work with my Gmail account and now I have a pushmail solution without owning a Blackberry šŸ™‚

The phone also has quite good PIM capability to replace my trusty Tungsten E2, but it cannot synchronise data with my Linux laptop. And as I found out later, not with Macs either.

I bought the iBook G4 mainly for testing MacOS X applications. It runs MacOS X 10.4 Tiger, which I have already updated to 10.4.11. I find it rather slow, and it dampens my enthusiasm a little. I plan to upgrade the memory to 768 MB, or perhaps even 1,3 GB, but that can wait. The Mac is not meant to be the main workhorse anyway.