The new year is just 15 days old. It’s not too late to begin in clean slate.


Today I resolve to track my expenses more closely.

Not that I have not tried it before. Last year I have succesfully recorded all my financial transactions using my Palm Tungsten E2 PDA and FreeCoins software for a month. Then I slacked, and I lost track. At the time I thought it was not a big deal, since I didn’t think my spending patterns and my income would change much. FreeCoins also has a stability problem, which was quite a nuisance.

Of course it turned out to be completely wrong. By then I have acquired new laptop and decided to use it to control my finance. But I found it was somewhat harder. First of all I have to find a new suitable software, and with a laptop I could not jot down the expenses at once. I struggled for a while and in the end I gave up. But not for long. I have been formulating a new system, and I hope it will work out.

The new strategy is to reuse the Palm for tracking expenses. But I am abandoning FreeCoins. It is excellent, but it does not have a sync conduit, which limits its usefulness when working with a computer. So in its stead I am just going to use the simple bundled Expense software. It is somewhat limited, only suitable for tracking expenses and no other. No bank account tracking, salary, or any other income recording. But those transactions can be tracked more comfortably on the laptop.

On the laptop I am using Gnucash to record all transactions. I will have to reenter all the expense records from the PDA, daily. Fortunately it will be somewhat easier thanks to the Expense sync conduit.


Another thing I would like to address is my system of organisation. I had tried the Getting Things Done system, and had some success with it. My implementation is again using the PDA. But again I slacked, and I also has some problems adjusting the system with Linux softwares. The Palm, which was essential to the system before, had difficulties when synchronising with Evolution PIM software. This particular problem has been largely solved, but my GTD system is still in a mess. It is high time to rebuild it.