This blog post is written using Windows Live Writer. It is a great software.

I am using Linux for daily use, but at work we use Windows (mainly XP). So I am still in touch with the Windows world. I am quite contented with my Fedora laptop, which does all I want. But as I have written before I am not pleased with the blogging clients.

I do not pay much attention to blogging clients before. But I plan to blog more intensively in the future I am surveying the blogging tools available. ScribeFire is great and all, but I wish it was a standalone app.

Enter Windows Live Writer. It is part of Windows Live Suite. In general I dislike the suite. Windows Live Messenger is useless to me, because most of my friends are in jabber (almost all in Google Talk) or Yahoo networks. I hate the Photo application as well. But Windows Live Suite is another matter. It supports various blogging sites (e.g. Sharepoint, Windows Live Spaces,  WordPress, Blogger). It is able to autodetect a site’s blogging API. The user just need to type username and password.

Windows Live Writer is also able to manage the site well. In wordpress sites, you can add new categories (a capability absent in Drivel).

There is another feature, which is not essential but nice. Right now I set it to work with a WordPress blog and a Blogger blog. I am using serif fonts for body text in the Blogger blog, and sans-serif fonts for WordPress. While I am writing this post I try to switch the active blog back and forth–and the fonts change according to the style I applied to each blog.

I haven’t yet reach a final verdict,  but so far I am enjoying Windows Live Writer.