I think Friendster is still the most frequented social networking site in Indonesia, but lately  Facebook has gained traction. Fast.

It is easy to see why Facebook is much more popular overseas. As one user puts it “Facebook is the ultimate time-waster”. To me the main attraction is applications, which practically nonexistent until lately on Friendster.

Not all new Indonesian Facebook users impressed with it, however. Some feel swamped by app invitations, and others wonder what is Facebook all about, and what makes it so great.

It is interesting also to compare my networks in both sites. My friend list in Facebook is still short compared to Friendster, which is understandable because I am still new to the former.

However, I also notice there is little intersection between the two lists. My Friendster friend list contains friends from college and school, but very few business acquaintances and work colleagues.  The latter group is well represented in my Facebook friend list.Only one former schoolmate listed as Facebook buddy, while lately I get stream of old acquaintances from school in Friendster.

It seems Friendster is for networking with old friends, and Facebook will be for new ones.