Astronomy has been my favorite subject since I was able to read. My father had a Time-Life series book titled “Alam Semesta” (The Universe), and I read it everyday. I dreamt of being an astronomer. But when I was getting older my elders told me pursuing an astronomy career would not be exactly promising, especially in Indonesia where the profession of scientist is not generally valued.

Somehow I felt like the Little Prince whose dreams were dashed by grown-ups. I cheated a little by attending Physics Department (a closely related subject), but by then I found myself not really interested in astronomy anymore. Perhaps I had already been grown old.

It doesn’t mean my interest has been completely waned. Now and then I find something that interest me. For example a few years ago I visited Observatorium Bosscha in Lembang, Bandung, and sometimes I write reviews of planetarium softwares. I will be reviewing Stellarium next.