Computers are meant to help us to be more productive. Yeah, right. Still it is a good reason for me to try out new ways (read: software) which claimed to make me more organised, efficient and perhaps intelligent.

One favourite of those app was Google Calendar. I quite like it, especially calendar sharing feature. Unfortunately I do not have anyone to share schedule with (sob, sob). I tried to badger my girlfriend to try it out and share our schedules, but it seemed she didn’t get it. In the end I gave it up.

Still, from time to time I meet blog entries which praise the usefulness of those online calendars, and sometimes I will be intrigued and try again. Today is one of these times.

I found that now Google Calendar has the weather forecast capability. Great. I promptly activate the feature. Now I can plan ahead according to the weather. Yay! Or not. It seems that it is going to be raining in Jakarta for a few days–something I think I already know. It has been so for weeks now. I hope it would be helpful, though.

Anyway, my calendar app of choice is still Evolution (at least for now), and I tried to find something that will duplicate the weather calendar functionality. It turns out there is a site that offers online weather calendar to subscribe to, in a format that will be understood by Evolution. The site is Weather Underground. I quickly locate a calendar for Jakarta, and paste the URL to Evolution. It promptly crashed. But when I restarted Evolution it correctly subscribe the calendar and showed the forecasts. I am quite pleased. I also add Indonesian Holiday Calendar.

Now I am going fully electronic with calendars and do not need the old-fashioned desk calendar anymore. It is nice to have though.