Wishlist, not resolution. Because I am not resolute enough.

  1. Learning a foreign language or two. So far the candidates are French and German. I have enjoyed books written by French and German-speaking authors in English, and wish to read the originals. It could be beneficial to my career too, but it would be a side-effect. The plan is to take courses, but they are expensive and my funds are limited. I will take one course (German, probably), and do self-study on others (French).
  2. Learn to program computers, again. I have done some programming in high school and college, but nowadays I cannot call myself a programmer. I am just too rusty. Again I can study it independently, but it will not hurt to take classes.
  3. Drag my arse off to write a fiction or two. A novel would be good. I am allowed to dream, am I not?