I am being loaned a NAS (Network Access Storage) unit, QNAP TS-209 Pro TurboStation. One of the unit’s capabilities is to act as a iTunesServer, using DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol). You just open iTunes or other DAAP compatible player, such as Rhythmbox in Linux, and you can play shared digital music served by the NAS. It is a neat way of sharing digital music.

Intrigued, I am trying to find out whether I can do it without the NAS. After all this unit will be returned next week (I presume). The easy way seems to activate music sharing feature in iTunes or Rhythmbox. I was doing just that in my office desktop (which ran Windows XP) and Linux laptop. The players seemed to recognise that the other was sharing music, but they were unable to show it.

Frustrated, I downloaded a DAAP server software for Windows. Again Rhythmbox recognised the server, but still unable to play anything. It is strange, because the DAAP server in the NAS doesn’t have the problem.