My Palm Tungsten E2 finally synchronises with my Linux laptop. Finally. I can use it and get organised again.

After my old, used laptop died I depended on the PDA for everything: address book, calendar, writing articles, reading ebooks, listening to music. Sadly it had problems with every Linux distribution I tried (or, perhaps more accurately, Linux distributions had problems with Palm). This morning I idly reading pilot-link documentation on how to set up synchronisation with libusb. I blacklisted the visor module, copied the udev rules that comes with the distribution to /etc/udev/rules.d, set up partnership with the Palm, and hotsync. Voila, it works!

Incidentally, I use Fedora 8 now. Debian was good and all, but the laptop support sucked. There was no power management. Fedora is not perfect, but at least it is able to sleep and hibernate.