I was not able to watch the fifth Harry Potter movie in the cinema, so when I found the DVD this evening in the bookstore, special edition no less, I was intrigued. It was becoming a boring evening, I was alone and craving for some entertainment. I didn’t really fancy eating out by myself while goggling happy couples spending their Saturday night in a cozy restaurant nearby. I was hoping to find a good book to buy, but there was none. The Harry Potter DVD was a saviour, or so I was thinking.

The DVD was quite expensive (it was special edition after all), but having spent money like a miser for months I was overflowing with cash (yeah, right). I paid with a debit card and one hour later I already sitting alone in front of notebook screen, my room darkened, with biscuit in hand and drinks.

Having read all Harry Potter books several times over I have already known the plot of the film. Especially this one. The Indonesian version was the only book I own of the series, and I even bought two. One was for my good friend, who was a better Potter fan than I ever would be.

The Order of The Phoenix is quite outstanding from the rest of the Potter books, because of the thickness. I had predicted that there would be difficulties adapting it to a movie. And there was. I felt it moved too fast. For example the Dementor attack seemed to me very short, ditto the trial. Watching the movie left me unsatisfied, and I remembered why I hate watching book adaptations in general. They are always shallower than the books, cannot convey enough complexity, and they destroy my imagination how the scenes should be rendered. For example I thought Dolores Umbridge was not ugly enough (she was supposed to look like a toad), and Tonks was too pretty( Not that I objected in the latter. Good people should always be good looking. Yes, I know it is stupid).

Perhaps it was hard to find ugly actresses these days.