Webdav sounds like a nice protocol for an Internet file server. You can also use it for file sharing. It is simple to use: just drag and drop the files. Nice.

Problem is, it’s hard to find a free, usable WebDAV service.

The only one I can find is Box.net. But it has problems with Nautilus. I can’t make new folders or copying new files to the server. I don’t know whether it is Box.net or Nautilus fault. Cadaver (a command line tool similar to ftp) seems to have no problem with it. But command line is so stone-age, right?

Perhaps I should see how Windows XP deal with Box.net. Meanwhile, I am contemplating to buy myself a little niche in Internet space. In another words, find a good (paid) hosting service. It means spending money though.

Update: There are some alternatives now.